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Martin Yale - 970A with FAIM - Tabletop Burster with Margin Slitters

Martin Yale - 970A with FAIM - Tabletop Burster with Margin Slitters
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Martin Yale Tabletop Burster with Margin Slitters 970A

The Martin Yale 970A is a low volume tabletop burster that bursts up to 5-part carbonless and 3-part carbon interleaved (5-ply) continuous-feed documents from 3" to 15" wide and from 3" to 12" long. The Martin Yale 970A burster bursts and slits documents from 5-1/2" to 17" wide and from 3" to 12" long. Processes 6,100 8-1/2 " forms per hour or 15,000 3- 1/2" checks per hour. Chemical-resistant bursting rollers for use with specialty papers or inks which contain high acidity. Long-lasting high-carbon margin slitter blades.

With FAIM you get:

  • Installation by a factory authorized installer
  • Application and use training by a factory installation installer
  • Up to two additional, no-charge maintenance calls during the first year by a factory authorized installer
  • Replacement parts free for one year from the date of installation (except for consumables such as rubber wheels and rollers; slitting, perforating and scoring wheels; blades, cutting sticks; etc).

    Why FAIM might make sense for you:

  • If you sell consumables, such as paper or forms, you can now sell bursters, decollators, folders and cutters to your customers
  • No need for your organization to develop the servicing skills required to maintain complex machines
  • Allows minimal involvement and frees you to pursue other more profitable or desirable opportunities
  • Even at an installation where an adjustment might be necessary, factory authorized installers are trained to handle that eventuality
  • In the unlikely event a machine does not function to the specifications at installation, Martin Yale will repair or replace the unit.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, as there is less room for operator error - an avoidable cause of customer dissatisfaction with equipment.


    The FAIM Program will aid in the proper installation, training and operation of our equipment, however, it is no substitute for proper application selling. Martin Yale warrants its equipment will operate within published specifications, however, specific applications cannot be guaranteed. If an end-user has a unique application, simply supply Martin Yale with samples. We will test the application before a buying decision is made.

    • Product Length: 20.00 in.
    • Product Width: 19.00 in.
    • Product Height: 33.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 1.00 lbs.
    Martin Yale products are warranted for a period of one-year. This warranty covers parts only. Extended warranty agreements are available and are recommended for paper folders, electric paper cutters, bursters, check signers and slitters. Contact a sales representative for details.