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B-V Tool - #5 - Standard 1-1/2 Inch Reach Hand Punch with Coffee Cup Design

B-V Tool - #5 - Standard 1-1/2 Inch Reach Hand Punch with Coffee Cup Design
ID : 17897

B-V Tool #5 Standard 1-1/2 Inch Reach Hand Punch #5 with Number 26 Coffee Cup Design

Number 26 Coffee Cup Design. The punched hole will look like a Coffee Cup.See the Design in the B-V Tool Designs and Shapes in Download in the Information Box on the Right

The B-V Tool #5 One-Hole Punch is designed for premium cards, ticket cancellation, and quality control. With a 1-1/2 Inch reach, the B-V Tool #5 Hole Punch can accommodate round dies up to " Inch in hole diameter. The B-V Tool #5 Hole Punch can punch double characters up to 5/32 Inch. Slide-on reservoirs are available to collect paper chips. Up to 400 custom die shapes are available as well as corporate and logo die shapes.

The price shown for this model is for a single character only. The #5 Punch is also available with Double Characters. Call for a complete listing of multiple and custom die shapes. Each Hole Punch is built to order and requires up to three weeks for fabrication. Specify the punch shape and size in Notes Section when ordering. The Notes can be entered on the second page of the Shopping Cart.

SPECIFICATIONS for B-V #5 1-1/2 Inch Standard Reach Hole Punch
  • Maximum Reach: 1-1/2 Inches (38.10mm)
  • Overall Length: 5-1/4 Inches (133.35mm)
  • Weight: 7oz.

    Other Custom Hand Made B-V Punches available on this website :

    B-V punches are made to order and are the best quality available. Castings are aircraft-quality alloy, dies are hardened steel, and punches are highly-polished and nickel-plated for long life and attractive appearance. B-V Hole Punches are in continuous use in transportation, quality control, sales promotion, identification card design, agricultural picking, and various industrial applications. Punches are available in six lengths. Hundreds of standard die shapes are available without setup charges. B-V Tool Co.'s specialty is custom logos BR>
    #12 Standard Punch " 2 Inch Reach : Used for automotive inspection, agriculture counts, and ticket cancellation. Max. Reach: 2" (50.80mm), Overall Length: 6-1/4"(158.75mm), Weight: 8 oz.

    #12-L High Leverage Punch " " Inch Reach: Used for Validating Plastic Identification Cards. Max. Reach: 3/4" (0.80mm), Overall Length: 6-1/4" (158.75mm), Weight: 8oz.

    #12-E Standard Punch " 3 Inch Reach : A lightweight, long reach punch for quality control and chart work. Max. Reach: 3" (76.20mm), Overall Length: 7-1/2" (190.50mm) Weight: 12-1/2oz.

    #13 Punch - Strap-Slot Punch for Plastics : Cuts 9/16" x 1/8" strap-slot holes in plastic identification cards. This punch can also be equipped with larger special purpose dies and multiple characters. e.g. "VOID" - Max. Reach: 3/4" (12.70mm), Overall Length: 5-3/4" (146.05mm), Weight: 7-1/2oz.

    PC-4 Template Punch - 4-1/4 Inch Reach:- A light long-reach punch used to design test-score templates and for programming industrial machinery using plastic control charts. Max. Reach: 4-1/4" (107.95mm), Overall Length 8-3/4" (222.25mm), Weight: 14 oz.

    Accessories available for B-V Hand Punches

  • Reservoir Caps: Slide-on nickel-plated cap holds 800 punchings /chits (available for the #5 punch only).
  • Security Chains : 36 Inch nickel plated steel chain attached for securing a punch to a counter. Comes with attachment fittings for each end.
  • Finger Rings : Attached to the inside of a punch handle.
  • Holsters : Black leather holsters with security strap. For use with B-V #5, #12, and #12E punches.
  • Numbering : Punches can be stamped with numerals or letters for identification.

    Accessories are available on this website.

    • Product Length: 9999.00 in.
    • Product Width: 99999.00 in.
    • Product Height: 999999.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 1.00 lbs.
    Martin Yale products are warranted for a period of one-year. This warranty covers parts only. Extended warranty agreements are available and are recommended for paper folders, electric paper cutters, bursters, check signers and slitters. Contact a sales representative for details.