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DFG - TitanCoil Ultra - Manual Punch and Electric Coil Binding Machine

DFG - TitanCoil Ultra - Manual Punch and Electric Coil Binding Machine
ID : 15978
TitanCoil Ultra Manual Punch and Electric Coil Binding Machine

TitanCoil Ultra Manual Punch and Electric Coil Binding Machine is the most heavy duty, reliable, user-friendly, and functional machine in its class. This Manual Punch and Electric Coil Binding Machine is made with a die-casted metal for the base and sides of the housing unit rather than using sheet metal for the punching surface to ensure your machine is solid in all the important places.

The TitanCoil Ultra uses an encased lubrication system that drastically reduces friction and punch pin wear, which equates to longer machine life for the end user. By encasing the lubrication, you are guaranteed to never have lubrication spots on your punched pages.

The TitanCoil Ultra is capable of punching up to 28 sheets of 20lb paper in one punch.

The DuraPunch super-premium punching tool is made of the world's best materials. They are hardened and heat-treated in a precision environment, then fitted with an oversize paper gate to offer DFG customers the finest machine for hardcover binding and take desktop coil binding to the next level. Internal high-efficiency lubrication system is totally sealed and comparable to the punching dies of six-figure equipment.

Utilizing the world's first full disengagement-pin design (recently copied by other manufacturers), punched paper is free from partial punches, on any size project. The disengagement-pin design uses independent coil spring mechanisms on each pull pin that allows the pins to disengage with a crisp snapping action.

The 6 inch coil roller is all the rubber you need. Simply start the coil by hand and then touch it to the rubber roller. Your hands unconsciously will move the book as the coil is wound through the paper. 6 inch rollers are the professional standard.


  • Heavy Duty Manual Punch: up to 28 sheets of paper (20 lbs)
  • DFG DuraPunch Super-Premium Punching Tool: hardened and heat-treated
  • Metal-Coil Compatible Roller: Continuous-duty rollers with precision bearings for extended life, especially using plastic coils.
  • Full Disengagement Pins: ensures a completely clean professional punch without partial punches on any length of paper
  • Electric Power Binding: foot-pedal activated roller significantly increases productivity and greatly reduces operator fatigue (particularly compared to lower-mounted rollers)
  • Side Margin Control: center holes quickly and easily
  • Coil Size Selector: Built-in spring loaded indicator shows suggested coil size
  • Adjustable Punch Margin: improve all books' strength and design
  • Open Throat Design with EasyPunch: Easily punch any size book
  • Large Waste Drawer
  • Punching Capacity 28 sheets per punch
  • Binding Capacity Electric binding up to 7/8 in. Manual binding for any size
  • Disengagement Pins Full
  • Punch Length Any length with fully disengageable pins and open throat design
  • Power Supply 110 V, 60 HZ
  • Hole Pattern 4:1 pitch. 5/32 in (4 mm) holes
  • Warranty: One year

    • Product Length: 15.00 in.
    • Product Width: 15.00 in.
    • Product Height: 10.00 in.
    • Product Weight: 50.00 lbs.
    USI Models ARL 12, ARL 18, ARL 25, ARL 27, MRL 42, CRL 40, Image 62 Plus, 25� CSL and 27� CSL are warranted to the original end user against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase for a period of two (2) years with parts and labor inclusive when used under normal operating conditions. USI Models SOHO 400, SOHO 900, SOHO 1200, ProSEAL 25 and ProSEAL 44, 410, Image 62 Plus, HD 400, HD 1200, Big Mouth, Little Big Mouth, and 110S Compress are warranted under the same conditions except for a period of one (1) year. USI Models CT 400, CT 1200, PL 400 and PL 900 are warranted under the same conditions except for a period of ninety (90) days.