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Maverick International - MICR VI Series - Exception Item Encoder

Maverick International - MICR VI Series - Exception Item Encoder
ID : 16561

Maverick M-610 MICR VI Series Exception Item Encoder

Encoding Items Prior to Financial Proof Saves Time and Money!

Items that cannot be posted as part of normal financial presentment such as suspect items, signature verifications, large dollar items, non-sufficient funds (NSF), and items missing MICR data can be encoded with the M-610 to fully qualify the exception item. The process of encoding items before presentment enables production oriented work groups such as proof and item processing departments to operate at peak efficiency, saving time and money.

Designed for maximum throughput, the M-610 can easily meet your requirements for fast, accurate and reliable MICR exception item encoding. Simply key-in the information and drop the document in the track. The M-610 will encode the MICR code-line to the exact ANSI specification required for automated check processing. The M-610 is a direct replacement for Maverick??????????????????????????????????????????????????s M-100 and M-210 series exception item encoders. Incorporating new technology, the M-610 runs 15% faster than previous models while allowing you to utilize your existing programs, ribbon supplies, and minimize operator training.

Maverick M-610 MICR VI Series Encoder MODELS and FEATURES
Model M-610 :

  • Utilizes Existing MICR I/II Programs
  • Encodes Single/ Multipart Documents
  • 20 Programmable Function Keys
  • Backlit Display

Model M-610E has the same features as the M-610 plus:

  • Document Auto Eject Option
  • Document Catch Tray Option
All Maverick MICR VI Series M-610 and The Entire Maverick Product Line is Available on this Site.

The M-610 Exception Item Encoder offers keyboard programmability for maximum flexibility. No more expensive costs or lost time associated with programming changes that can only be done at the factory. The reliability of the state-of-the-art circuit design, coupled with the mechanical integrity of the M-610 eliminates downtime. The M-610 is designed to meet or exceed rigid ANSI MICR encoding standards, the result is precision encoding which minimizes reader/sorter rejects. The M-610 also features a ribbon cartridge that is simple to change with absolutely no mess. The M-610 is light weight and compact, which allows it to easily fit into any workspace.

Standard Program Features

  • On Board advanced diagnostics and test mode
  • Uses standard PC ACE to store programs
  • Robust keyboard design
  • 20 programmable function keys
  • Single Pass, full field encoding
  • Incremental serial numbers
  • Ribbon out detection
  • Dog ear detection
  • Check digit verification and generation

    Benefits of the M-610 Versus the MICR II:

  • Encodes up to 15% faster than the MICR II
  • The m-610 runs most existing MICR II application programs
  • Application Program, Diagnostics and Calibration Data is Permanently stored in FLASH ROM, not in RAM, no service call required to redownload programs.
  • Increased RAM
  • 2 x 20 character backlit LCD display is contrast controlled from the keyboard. Time out for increased display life.
  • Uses the same ribbon as the MICR II
  • Quieter Maintenance free direct strike hammer solenoid.
  • More Robust Keyboard Design.


    • Length : 18 inches
    • 13 inches
    • 5.5 inches
  • Weight : 14.5 Lbs.
  • Display : 2 Line x 20 character, full alphanumeric capability, Backlit LCD, Programmable Contrast Adjustment.
  • Ribbon : Average Yield of 60,000 characters(P/N#: 100-50025-6, 6 ribbons)
  • Power : 120 VAC at less than 1A
  • Memory : 512 x 8K RAM (4MB)
  • Encode Capability : 65 character/ full field
  • Print Hammer : Average yield of 65 million impressions

    • Product Length: 18.00 in.
    • Product Width: 13.00 in.
    • Product Height: 5.50 in.
    • Product Weight: 14.50 lbs.
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